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Got into firearms about 20 years ago. Love to shoot, but I am by no means an operator or competitor. Just enjoy the hobby.

Belong to a small range named Kelbly's in NE OH. Most of my stuff is just middle of the road gear, with a couple of nice pistols thrown in.


Love to talk about 2A stuff, techniques for shooting better, and how to enjoy the sport on a deeper level.



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1 minute ago, Radchankin66 said:



greetings! I am new to this forum myself and I also am From NEO. I don’t really belong to any clubs but I plan on starting USPSA this years at Dynamic Shooting Sports in Deerfield,OH.

Ohio is a weird state for USPSA. Matches are concentrated in the NE and SW. SW we have 4-5 matches a month within an hour of Cincinnati.

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