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Tanfoglio Stock II Upgrade


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Hi to everyone.


I am new in Tanfoglio pistol, I already did some research on how to upgrade Tanfoglio Stock II but some reviews and forums create confusion to me. I would like to seek guides of what best combination of parts will make the lightest trigger pull and shortest trigger reset for Tanfoglio Stock II which is IPSC production division legal.


I have here list of parts that I gathered from my research but I'm not sure if all of these are available in our country, are these good or worst? Are these parts all drop in or need some polishing? Should I need any other parts that are required in order to function properly the parts listed below?


-titan hammer
-patriot bolo interruptor

-tanfoglio 1 piece sear
-xtreme firing pin
-patriot fp spring
-patriot sear spring
-patriot trigger spring
-14lb wolff hammer spring (if not available any other options?)
-9lb wolff recoil spring (if not available any other options?)
-xtreme trigger (optional)


If you have any other parts combination you want to share it will be very helpful to me, especially those with less gunsmithing required, preferably Tanfoglio Xtreme and Patriot Defense parts due to availability issue in our country.


Thank you very much in advance.

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