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Safariland holster 1911


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Just bought a Dan Wesson SSC .40s&w. Great gun, excited to give it a shot after being primarily a production shooter the last few years.

I have a Safariland coupon from Area2 this past year and would like to use it to get a USPSA legal singlestack holster. Their website is a bit uncertain as to which to purchase, even while entering other manufactures guns that are very similar(5in 1911, no rail).

Anyone run a Safariland holster in Singlestack and know which model number to go with?

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8 hours ago, IVC said:

Also, the rules have changed for 2019 and you can now have DOH in SS. Won't change which holster you pick up, but it will change the mounting system you choose. 

Yea I noticed and was considering just going for a BOSS DOH and Bladetech to match my existing prod rig. 

I’ll probablt scrap using  Safariland honestly, there are better options. 

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