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PractiScore - posting results without a club


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Hey all,


Long-time PractiScore user but I'm investigating match management for the first time. The match I'm looking at scoring is pretty informal - we don't pre-register and pay in cash the morning of. Is it possible for me to just use PractiScore for recording scores and then share out a link to the results? Or do I need to set up a club ID and all that jazz?


I know I'm doing this in the total hillbilly way but such is the club, lol. Sorry about the n00b question.

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It has been done. I've used all the PractiScore web and tablet services for the local USPSA club. I've also run a tablet only match and shared results to the website without having to do anything else on the PS website.

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Awesome! Digging a little deeper into the app, it looks like the Club ID (and most other things) are optional.


Obviously it would be cooler if all of the matches linked up and referenced people's actual profiles, but most of this club are not PractiScore members. Emailing a link with results should suffice.

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