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1911 Sight Dovetails

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I'm a recent 1911 convert and I bought a (very) used STI Trojan as a backup. Being used, it needs a little work, and I'm a little shocked by how many variations there are in everything.


I'm trying to determine how to tell what kind of dovetails I have on both the front and the rear so that I don't waste a lot of time and money trying to install something that won't fit. I've tried comparing it to my main gun, which is a newer generation of STI Trojan, and I feel like they might be different. My best guess is that the chrome slide has a bomar cut, since the adjusting screw is behind the dovetail and the dovetail is set more forward in the slide, while the blue slide is an LPA, since the adjusting screw lines up with the dovetail. Do you think that's accurate? Is it likely that the same model of gun would have two different dovetails?


Then there's the front, which I can find even less information about. I'm assuming they're both STI cut, not KV, since they're both STIs. Is it that simple?




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You may want to call STI.  I had a similar question with a used Dan Wesson 1911 so I called them, gave them the serial number and they gave me the sight info.

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