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2018 Overlord Memorial Cup & Cardinal Cup -- Bedford, Virginia

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   This is to announce the 2018 Overlord Memorial Cup and Cardinal Cup matches at Bedford, VA. {bedfordrrc.org/matches} These matches will be held on 29-30 September 2018 with some changes in procedures from the past. These will NOT be NRA sanctioned events, so consequently there will be no score reports to NRA for classification purposes, no National Record reporting and no Distinguished Points awarded from the NRA for the following reasons:


1. In 2016 at these events there were 31 National Records set and 1 tied that were not recorded or recognized by NRA in any way. No listings have been put on the web site of the records involved at this time, 20 months later.


2. In the past, National Records set at the Overlord on Saturday would be recognized, as would be the ones set at the Cardinal Cup on Sunday. This has ceased to happen.


3. By the time of the 2016 season, there had been added a new course of fire: the Barricade (Modified). These records were not recognized and I was informed that they would wait until all the match scores were sent in at the end of 2017 before awarding any NRs in that event at the end of the year. This has not happened.


4. Over the 2-year span of 2016-2017 the NRA received nearly $2,000 in match fees from our club. In return, NRA sent the Medals (Gold, Silver and Bronze) both years along with the “Regional Pins” to be given to each shooter. Our club realized a net of less than $500.00 over those 2 years after awarding over $4,000 in cash at the matches and spending another $4,000 on the prize tables.


5. In past years NRA has sent discounted entries for the Bianchi Cup Championships to be given to the winners in Open, Metallic Sight and Production. This practice has ceased.


6. Our goal is to give back to the shooters, so any excess money that we take in goes to the prize tables.


   We were the first facility in the US to have a Moving Target system on rails. Our members include from novice shooters up to a former Bianchi Cup Winner. We have sent as many as 6 shooters to the Bianchi Cup in some years. Money is not our goal. Building the AP sport is our main intention, but the NRA has let us down in their quest for more money and little support.


   With all that said, our thoughts are to spend the money that NRA has been taking while giving us so little in return so that we can enhance the prize tables for the shooters. In the last 2 years we spent thousands of dollars from entry fees to purchase prizes for the 2 day matches and have had tens-of-thousands in donated merchandise for the prize tables.


   There has been over $3,000 spent on trophies and plaques to be awarded to the top shooters in the different categories along with shooter “goody-bags stuff” and the cash awarded to the top shooters.


   We are not in the business of making a profit, simply having enjoyable matches that are well-run with great prizes for the shooters. Our thoughts are that the NRA doesn’t share our goals in this sense.


   Match expenses aren’t small, and the NRA has let it be known that their main interest is in the money that they receive from the events, not in contributing to the shooters or keeping the sport alive. Therefore we are forgoing NRA sanction this year to see how it turns out. The prize tables will be a bit larger due to the money that won’t be sent to NRA. If the events are a success, we will continue in this fashion in future years. If not, we may reconsider this process.


   With all that said, I have already received confirmation and/or entries from shooters from Canada, Missouri, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, North Carolina and the USAMU that they will participate this year.


   Thank you for your support of the shooting sports and we look forward to seeing you in September!



Alan Strawn

Match Director

Bedford Rifle & Revolver Club, Inc.


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While we've never had the pleasure of attending Bedford's matches, we have heard how well they are run and how much the shooters enjoy them. Protocall Design will continue to support these matches, sanctioned or unsanctioned.


Here's hoping everyone has a great time!

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   We're 3 weeks out from the entry deadline and over 1/2 full.  Get those entries in NOW since we filled up last year and had to turn away shooters!  I hate doing that, but it has to be done because of the time constraints created by the Mover.


   See you next month, and THANKS for the early entries!



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I am working on getting Lottery Funding to do this match, I have tickets in the upcoming draw here in NZ. If anyone has a heads up on the winning tickets please let me know.


Otherwise, enjoy what I know will be an excellent match.







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