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adding Mark VII to a 650 VS buying a 1050


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Hi Guys,


Been loading on a Dillon 650 ( with a case feeder and a primer filler)

Just like to pick up some speed,  make more rounds / hour.  

Wodering if I am better off buying a Dillon 1050 for about $1800 or adding a Mark VII and a bullet feeder to my 650 for about $2300 

Sure seating primers on the upstroke (1050) would be nice vs occasionally seating  primers high on the 650. 

( I do need to seat primers deep to keep the bolo happy.../ kinda leaning towards the 1050 I guess)



Relability does matter, when the press is down, due to whatever reason the rounds / hour number goes down...


(Don’t feel like forking out money for a 1050 plus a Mark VII...)



Any opinion- suggestions are appreciated,



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The bullet feeder on the 650 alone will increase your productivity pretty significantly. I’d recommend making that upgrade and reevaluating.  You’ll need it to automate the 650 anyway and It’ll swap onto a 1050 setup also if you wind up going that route. It’s an obvious next step. 

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For me, I could not live without the powder check die (I actually use the RCBS Lock-Out die), so by adding a bullet feeder to my XL650, I would either lose the lock-out die, or have to seat and crimp in one station. I would prefer not to have to do either.


My personal opinion is that if you want to go more automated, just bite the bullet and go for the 1050. In the long run, it will be the right decision.

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