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Lubed Lead bullets


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Went on a guys website that sizes and lubes lead bullets he makes and sells. I sent him an email with a few questions, and he replied in a bit of a pissy manner. I asked how his bullets compared to coated, and he said he will never coat bullets because it can lap barrels. He also said smoke doesnt matter, because you should be paying attention to your front sight (i disagree with that premise in some situations like target focused shooting or if shooting a bill drill). Anybody else here shoot lubed lead bullets? The price is pretty good on them, but blue bullets are priced well too. Also any thoughts on what this guy said? Ive never had or heard of issues with coated lead messing up barrels, but my experience is much shoter than many others

Daniel K

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Shoot a ton of lubed lead. I don't usually notice the smoke until I review video, never anything near what's required to obscure a target. Indoors it would probably be more noticeable.

I don't think coated hurts a thing, I have read that claim before, but never any proof. I've only run a couple thousand. Some coatings smoke, some only with certain powders.

Thing about lubed lead, alloy can compensate some, but proper fit is pretty crucial to prevent leading, severe leading leads to keyholing and can send pressure into the danger zone. 9mm is the most obnoxious because bore diameters run all over the place, most other calibers tend to run close to SAAMI. 

Leading also can occur with coated, but they seem a little less sensitive to fit, usually if you get leading with them it's due to something in your loading.

I'll buy coated sometimes, but I mostly just lube what I cast. I really don't think one has a big advantage over the other.

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