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practiscore.com match registration "link"?


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I have been exploring practiscore.com and I see that if I enter our match competitors may register for our match on their site. I also see that I can designate the match as public or private...

It says that if I make it private I am responsible for sending competitors a "registration link". Is that link generated by practiscore or I need to create the link myself? I can't find any link to send to them...

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The link is the same, private just means it isn't listed in the practiscore match list.

So you would have to publish it, either in an email or website of your own. I usually use private just to test, then open it up, because once you share it with somebody, you have to assume everybody has it.

Ken N.

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Thanks Ken! I'm still exploring and learning your program and it sure does make life easier.

I created a test match and checking out the features available. It seems that if it is set up as private, shooters are not able to register online? Or maybe needs to log in first?

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