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Universal Shooting Academy - Shannon Smith


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Just wanted to leave a positive review for Shannon down at Universal Shooting Academy. Just took a one day private course and I was blown away at the level of detail and personalized instruction. He had drills to match my level of experience and deficiencies, very down to earth but not shy from letting me know what was up. This was a great experience, I only wish I took it sooner and will be looking to repeat sometime next year.

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I took a class with Shannon - steel challenge.  We shot all 8 stages just like it was a match.  Shannon just watched and took some notes.  Then we went to each stage and he offered suggestions, hints, etc.  To say I was happy with the class would be an understatement.  Shannon was a pleasure to work with, a great teacher and offered great advice.  I am looking forward to working with him again in the near future. 

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