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Going from .38 super to steelmaster is weird


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Wow! .38 super open at 172pf to a steelmaster.

The steelmaster cycles on the ragged edge of 132 pf.

It feels like a toy with the light and slow action but the shots are like shooting steel guided projectiles. It doesn't seem to miss. Hahaha

Gonna take some adjustment after being use to the super. And DANG this thing seems so slow operating while shaving time off of the scores. I think I like it.?..?

Verdict still out

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If you need to get a little more "pep" in the gun, you can run 115 grain or even lighter. That'll get your slide velocity back up and make it feel like the gun is cycling a little faster.

Also, factory guns are notorious for being "over-sprung". I'd buy a selection of ISMI springs and test them out. 7# up to roughly 10. I think you'll like the 7 or 8 best with steel loads.


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