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Help with Mag Cinch


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I'm having some trouble using my Buffer Technologies Mag Cinch. I got the mags installed in the cinch ok, but the problem occurs when I swap mags in the gun. If I start out with the right-hand mag loaded (so the left one is out of the gun), when I switch mags, I gouge a nice chuck of flesh out of my trigger finger (which is out of the trigger guard, and lying on the receiver above the mag release button). The gouging occurs because there is not enough space between the 2 cinch'ed mags, and not enough room for my finger to fit between the mags when I go to insert the left mag. Look at the Arrendondo version of the mag since, there seems to be lots 'o room for the finger.

If I start w/ the left-hand mag installed, there isn't a whole lot 'o space for me to hit the mag release button. There has to be a simple fix, as I see people using the mag cinch all the time.



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Hi David,

Best solution I have for this issue is to load from the body with single mags, even prone, it’s workable with different types of pouch positions. Cinched mags make jam clearing more of a hassle (your AR shouldn’t jam though). If you have to dump the dual setup early, you lose two mags.

I have never liked the cinch, or the redi-mag routine, but recognize that some do. KISS is my philosophy here and I only want to do what I always do when my mind is on the shooting (old dog, old tricks thing).



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