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I notice that a lot of the shooters will shoot a group of targets from left to right. For some reason I do better shooting from right to left. A newbee asked me why I did it that way and I said that I just seem to see the targets better. In my mind ( or what little I have left of one) my master eye (right) is looking at the sights while my left eye is seeing the next target I'm going to aquire. Have I been hosed once too often?

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No as long as you have timed both ways on the same array to see what is fast. Most do better L to R since we read that way and our "training" taught it. You should master both as there are plenty of stage designs that force a R to L or L to R to be fast

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Gotta agree w/ L2S, here.

I naturally shoot L-to-R on arrays when standing there for two primary reasons. First, my cross-dominance has me doing the same thing as you, Ray (just backwards, I guess). Second, most of the time that we're just standing there shooting there's going to be a reload to strong hand only shooting. I reload to the same target, so I start on the left freestyle, reload, and come back across to the left (and sometimes reload, switch to WHO, and come back across to the right).

If the string calls for freestyle to WHO, I start on the right.

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