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First timer questions .40s&w Glock 24


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I've been looking through the posts here for sometime and I finally took the leap and bought a used 550,and I've been slowly gathering all the things I believe I'll need to start loading. I have access to a chrono at a friends house to make sure I'm making Major for USPSA

My question is what bullet would you guys recommend, I'll be loading for a Glock 24 with a KKM barrel. Should I look into several types/ weights for initial testing?

I purchased 4lbs of Titegroup and I also have 4lbs of CFE on the way.

Of the 2 powders mentioned above what differences in recoil impulse can I expect? Is one a better option than the other?

I'll be using mixed brass and most likely CCI primers as that is what I can find locally.

I should also note I have a friend that has offered to help me setup my press and make sure everything runs smoothly, as well as give me a tutorial before I start

Thanks for any help you have to offer up!

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You're gonna get a ton of different responses for brand. I'll start. I use Xtreme Plated 180s and have used RMRs and Rainiers in the past, all with success.

With the KKM, you have options for bare lead also. Coated bullets are getting popular. I suggest you find what is local and cheaper to start testing with. There are a few companies that do sample packs as well.

Some people lime 165s and 200s as well, but 180 is a good starting point, I think because of the info already out there is plentiful.

Be sure to check out loading manuals and bullet and powder manufacturers websites, especially Hodgdon. They have a ton of info and what their test setup is. Good luck.

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I've loaded with cfe and Titegroup. Used both powders to make major with various types of 180 grain bullets. Don't waste your time with the cfe, go straight to Titegroup. Cfe has is place, but recoil will be a lot harsher with cfe

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