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  1. Any new updates from people who have received their CK PCC?
  2. That looks sweet, should help funnel those mags!!
  3. What comp is that? How do you like it compared to the original?
  4. Hey guys, looking for some quick answers if someone could help me out I picked up a ATI Mil sport AR9 for PCC, but want to change the stock, but cannot for the life of me find out what buffer tube size it uses. I'm out of town currently and want to get one ordered asap Thanks!
  5. bigbent

    Glock porn

    Who did the frame work on this, its super clean. All work was done by Pike at Mod 1 Firearms, top notch work. He's done several Glocks for me and all turned out great http://mod1firearms.com/
  6. How do you like the TTI guide rod with the round wire springs compared to others? Also what sights are you running with those parts to have the 27.6 weight?
  7. When loading for Glocks, you are most likely restricted more by the magazine limiting the length than the chamber. I have loaded Titegroup with 180 plated with good results OAL 1.135 4.0 TG 180 Plated I don't remember specifics but this load made major out of a Glock 24 6" OAL 1.135 4.2 TG 180 BBI Major out of a Glock 35
  8. I've had good luck with Titegroup and 180s. 180 BBI or Missouri 1.135 4.0-4.2 grains Titegroup
  9. Been shooting one for two years now. Made GM with it after owning it for about 4 months. Awesome! What bullet weight to you find to best fit the bill for minor loading ? Load preference?
  10. Nice, I have been considering picking up a S2 in .40 because I already load it for my limited and ss guns. Anyone have any experience with .40 minor for an S2?
  11. I have had multiple Glocks done by Mod 1 firearms, great guy to deal with and does high quality work http://mod1firearms.com
  12. I'm very happy with the switch to the "Big Hands" magwell, it allows me to get my hand flatter against the grip/gun, my hand measures 4.25 inches across my palm. As others have stated, trying them for yourself is the best option. I was lucky enough to have a guy that let me try a Cape as well the Big hands before I ordered one
  13. bigbent

    ZEV'ed G19L

    Sweet looking blaster
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