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Delta point adapter for glock pistol


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JP makes a Glock dovetail mount for the JPoint sight/Optima that works great for the Deltapoint. The screw hole pattern matches and the Deltapoint fits the mount. I had the JP drilled and tapped so that I could use the stock metric mounting screws that come with the Deltapoint. That was just personal preference, as the screws that come with the mount should work just fine.

EGW also makes a Glock dovetail mount for the Optima that will work with the Deltapoint. Brownells carries the JP mount, but I think they only have the EGW mount for a Docter sight. The EGW Optima dovetail mount for Glock is available on EGW's website.

One other possibility - You could try to find someone who bought the Deltapoint sight complete with all the various mounts and is not using the Glock adapter plate that they would sell to you.

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