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Sphinx Compact with H.A.L.O. sights

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After picking up a Sphinx last weekend at a gun store, I've been thinking pretty strongly about buying one.

I see a model with H.A.L.O. sights - though I haven't seen it in person.

Any of you folks have one? Or have shot one?

The gun is about $200 more than the standard model, and I'm really wondering if it's worth the extra cost.

The sights are made by these guys:


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It sure looks like they're using the standard CZ front sight design, albeit with a set screw instead of a pin. I would think CZ sights could be modded to fit (drill/tap a hole, assuming you have the room in from of the sight blade). That would open up your options considerably. Otherwise, you're pretty much stuck with Sphinx's factory offerings...200 bucks just seems awful steep for a sight upgrade.

That said, it looks like a nifty design, but also completely non-serviceable. What happens if the that hollow fiber insert gets cracked? Additionally, the overall diameter of the fiber compared to the size of the front sight seems like it's too large. Big fiber tends to kind of 'bloom' and make getting a precise sight picture more difficult.

All just conjecture, though. I doubt you'll find much from Sphinx owners yet, but maybe you can find some opinions from owners of their Glock version-


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The durability would be a major concern.

I had a set of those TFO Truglos on a Glock once. The front "fiber" just popped out one while I was shooting.

The more I think about it, it might be best just to go with a standard version of the Sphinx and try changing out to a CZ front sight.

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