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XD Mod 2


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Anyone shot one of these yet?

In the market for a double stack compact in either .40 or .45 (leaning toward .45) so I would like to hear people;s impressions of these since I looked at one today

I haven't shot the .45 (my interest) yet, but I did shoot the 9mm and loved the ergonomics and accuracy of the pistol.

I'm waiting for the LGS to get a .45 in for me to shoot.

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After range time with the Mod.2 45 impressions.

Better out of the box trigger than standard XD in my opinion. But it will still get a PRP to reduce weight, it's not excessive but I have gotten spoiled from having PRP kits in all my other XD/XDS.

Ergonomics are great. The undercut and finger groves really settle the Mod.2 in my hand better. And the 'posi wedge' or whatever they call it at the rear of the slide serrations does aid in racking the slide over the XD.

With the 9 round mag my pinky had nowhere to go and personally that makes it uncomfortable for extended shooting for me. I put a Pearce extension on and problem solved, actually I cant believe how perfect the grip feels overall with the extension on the 9 round mag.

Shooting - recoil is as expected right between the 4" service and the XDS. The hand filling grip of the Mod.2 makes recovery easier than with my beloved 3.3 45 XDS.

Bottom line. The XDS 45 3.3 has been my edc for a couple of years now except when colder weather allows me to dress to conceal my XD 45 service. The Mod.2 is definitely going on my belt when the holster makers catch up and as much as I love my XDS it may get to spend a lot more time in the safe now.

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