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Metallic question


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I have so many questions about the Bianchi Cup. I really wish they would come out with a better more comprehensive rule book for Bianchi. I would hate to build or show up with an illegal modification and have to make a last minute gun change or modification/repair to my gun.

Looking for a little clarification.

In metallic division can I:

Lighten the slide by cutting through the slide (holes). I know I can tri-top and panel cut and all that, but can I put holes in my metallic gun.

2nd can I use a 5" gun with a 6 barrel that is profiled the same as the slide. I have a sti tru-bor comp blank (no holes or ports), can I use it. essentially a sight tracker.

In the above configuration I can run the front sight out to the max length as long as it doesn't extend past the muzzle.

there are a bunch of other threads on here, but just to clarify adjustable sights are legal in production as long as the original dovetail is used. an m&p pro doesn't come with adjustable sights, but I can use aftermarket adjustable sights in the original dovetail.


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I don't know about holes in the slide, but you can have any sights you want in metallic (no red dot, but fiber optic notch and post are OK). You can even have adjustable rear and mover front sight to put in lead for the moving target.

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