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38 Super on a RL550 B


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Hi All... dumb question i guess but here goes...

On station 2, What do you need to do in order for the powder die to bell the case just a little and at the same time, allow the powder bar slide to travel fully open?

What I'm getting is a little bell, just right for the bullet head, but the powder bar will not slide fully open. The powder die is set pretty high up on the tool head. If i set it lower, the case is belled very wide and i've just split around 50 case tips just trying to figure a way for a small bell while retaining full powder bar travel.

Thanks in advance :)


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Firstly check manually that the powder measure will operate fully without a case. IF it works then make sure that the case is being sized properly with the correct sizing die. (Did you accidently use a 9mm carbide sizer die?)

Check that the locator pin is the correct one.

Check the Measure is a snug fit on the Powder Die and in the right place.

Make sure the Powder Funnel is for 9mm / 38 Super.

Silly things I know but check. All else fails contact Dillon.

I load silly amounts if 38Super on both a RL550 and a 650 (same powder measure die etc) and have no problems.

Good Luck

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When adjusting the powder die downward, it helps to see how far the case is being pushed up onto the powder funnel. there is a 45 degree flaring shoulder above the parallel sides of the funnel where it goes down into the case to epand it. Pull the handle down with a sized case under the powder measure. Now lift up the handle just enough to allow you to see the mouth of the case without pulling the funnel out of the case at all. When properly adjusted, the case mouth should be pushed slightly onto the 45 degree flaring shoulder. what frequently happens is that an individual case is sized tight enough that when you pull the handle down, it activates the easure without going up far enough to contact the flaring shoulder. Adjust the die down in 1/2 turn increments until the cse goes onto the flaring shoulder, and the mouth is flared about .010" larger than the mouth of a sized, unflared case. :ph34r:

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Thanks lots. Pins, funnel and dies are all for 38 sooper... all out of their dillon boxes. The powder measure works ok with a shell in Station2 and manually.

I set the powder die quite high so that the case isn't belled to much. If it's lower, the case gets belled to much (IMO). But with the high die setting, the powder measure is not fully activated by the shell when the handle is fully down

Let me experiment with what dillon just recommended. Much thanks for the tips/advice.

Regards to all,

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so far, not been able to achive the 0.39 bell with full powder measure travel..

With the die adjusted just enough for full powder bar travel at full handle extension, the bell diameters i've gotten are 0.4045, .4065 and .4170 on winchester cases, nickel.

i need to experiment more...

Thanks & regards to all..

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Thanks... finally solved it. Here's the dumb part... I didnt remove the rubber band that's hooked on the power bar.. i was stopping the powder measure from full opening. I though i might help it in the return... doh :wacko:

Thanks again... :) bell at 0.39, oal at 1.26.. SP2 powder :)

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