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Remington Gun Club 12 Ga Shells


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They do require a bit more force depending on primer brand so I went with Cheddite which seem a little easier with the same burn rate as Winchester but cheaper. Remington said the construction is similar to STS with a cheaper grade plastic so STS data can be used. After about the 10th reload the mouth(crimp) starts looking bad so they go into the practice bin. The Trap club has a policy that any hull hitting the ground is theirs so I help them with cleanup. The Skeet club has a guy that delivers components and usually leaves bags of 20 GA for anybody that wants them.

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When I use my single stage press, I tend to use the spacer on the priming stage since so many times I run into cases like this where it doesn't seat just so and has that little tiny lip that about drives me crazy when I try to move the cases between stages. I utilize a Sizemaster in 12 and 20 sometimes on small batches of shells. When I want to crank out a lot of rounds, like getting ready for 3-gun, I go with my grabber and then tend to utilize shells that I don't have primer issues with. I've had problems with these cases while using Winchester, Remington, Federal, and Cheddite primers.

Generally when I get one of these cases on my progressive, I'll take it out of the order, seat the primer with my single stage, and then put it back into the progressive and keep going as normal. If I get lots of these hulls doing that, I change hulls to one that I have no issue with. But then, I have a fairly good selection of hulls and other people might not be as lucky (as much of a pack rat) as I am.


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