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Need 9mm N330 load for 124 gr JHP

SRT Driver

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Been using 4.1 of N320 for Production at 136pf (1090 fps with a 125 Zero). It is a decent load but just picked up a 4lb can of N330 since 320 is getting scarce.

Does anyone have any ideas for a 124 - 125 gr bullet? (too cheap for 147's :P ) The book says 5 gr for about 1125fps. My thought is 4.8 or so.

Does it burn well at this level etc?


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I just loaded a bunch of 124 JHP with N330. Problem is my newest jug of 330 is much hotter than my previous jug, so I'll say you shouldn't take any shortcuts and work up from the starting load in the booklet.

It's clean, accurate, and makes good velocity. Side-by-side, you might find N320 a little softer at the same velocity.

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Chronoed on Fri:

5.1 N330, Zero 125 JHP, 1.11 OAL AV = 1152 FPS PF = 144

4.9 N330, Zero 125 JHP, 1.11 OAL Av = 1105 FPS PF = 138.1

4.1 N320, Zero 125 JHP, 1.11 OAL AV = 1086 FPS PF = 135.7

In a Glock 34. The N320 load felt softer, 4.9 N330 was a little snappier but not bad. 5.1 of N330 felt like WinClean 124's.

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Try Hodgdon TG at 4.0gr. Should be bang on 1040fps (130pf).

I have gone as low as 3.8gr and a 5" barrel and got 1010fps (126.25pf). But only if you KNOW it will stay at that regardless of the weather.

Not as clean as N320 ( but still very good ) but easier to get where you are and a trainload cheaper.

See ya.

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