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.300 Whisper


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The drawing maybe what is used by some but 221 Fireball brass is usually only 1.400" in length

I trimmed mine to 1.380"

I used new 221Fireball brass and resized in Redding Form Dies. They all came in at under the 1.400" so we fireformed to chamber, neck sized and then squared and trimmed the cases to .004" under the shortest case which happened to be 1.380".

If you use 223Rem or 222Rem Brass you can get to the 1.450" listed in the drawing. But it is much harder work.

Fireball brass is the best way, if you don't buy from JDJ. I have never used JDJ brass as I can get Fireball cheaply and easily and the local agent for JDJ is a horses ass.

I have gone away from small bore supressed guns as they limit what you can do, hunting wise. But the 300-221 is deathly accurate.

I prefer to start 44Magnum, or jump to the big boys 458x2 (450gr Spire Points to 530gr Flat Nose), 458 Socom (same) and 50Beowulf (Anything up to 600gr).

Trajectories only theoretically different, but at practical hunting ranges they all work fine, but BIGGER is better.

If you draw a line in the sand with velocity the only way to increase thump is to go big bore and heavy.

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