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Indoor Stages - February Match


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We usually run four (4) stages on our indoor matches. The first is a "warm up" type stand-n-blast (Stage 4) that everybody on the squad shoots, one at a time of course. We have three other stages that are setup on the range. A shooter will be called to each stage, they shoot and then back up to allow the next stage to be shot by the next shooter. After all three are shot, all are scored on Nooks with each stage having it's own scorer and Nook.

We have a matrix posted on a whiteboard showing when each shooter will be shooting each stage. Keeps everybody organized. We have found that it takes 90 minutes to have 9 shooters complete 4 stages which boils down to two and a half minutes per shooter per stage.

Here is the February match. Stages 1 through 3 are setup on the range and Stage 4 is pushed right up against the rubber impact area and shot first.

Stage 2 - "Side Swipe" is based on a stage designed by Arrowood Boyz. Some minor modifications were made to fit the stage onto our range. A huge THANKS to him and the guys in Georgia that sent their indoor stage designs.


Stage 1 - Quadruple Play.pdf

Stage 2 - Side Swipe.pdf

Stage 3 - Positions.pdf

Stage 4 - Detroit Bodyguard.pdf

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I forget When and Where is the match?

Detroit Sportsmen's Congress... Sunday February 16th.... But pre-registration is required as we "sell out" at about 40 shooters. We had to turn away a few folks this month.


Well, it looks like everybody that wanted to shoot is going to shoot. The last squad was increased from 9 shooters to 14.


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