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I'd recommend a Blade-tech kydex holster for both, to start. If you decide you really like USPSA, I would consider a CR Speed or other abbreviated race holster in the future. But, a straight drop kydex holster will get you by.

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I have a Bladetech Kydex holster that I use for IDPA and a CR Speed Holster for most other competitions that it is legal. I would agree that you could use the Bladetech for both and then look around and see the different holsters other revolver guys are using and see which one you like.

As far as moonclip holders you can find the standard "shoot the moon" moon clips in Brownells and they are great. I also have the bladetech ones and I can't remember the official name for them. I really like them but some have had to be altered because they would hold on too tightly to the moonclip so I just used a hair dryer with the moon clip in it and heated it up and bent them just a tad and they've worked great ever since. Some guys do think these holders bend moon clips but after altering them a bit I havn't had any problems and I only had to alter a couple that I had and the others were fine.

Good Luck,


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I agree, the Blade Tek holster and "Tek Lok" moon clip holders are inexpensive yet very fast and reliable. I used a Dremel to "fine tune" my holders so they are still secure but will also pull faster. For a great trigger job and chamforing the cylinder go to www.defensiveedge.net Shawn Carlock did my 625 for a reasonable price and it is way smoother than my Performance Center job!

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