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Legality of a selection process

Julien Boit

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I, and a lot of shooters around here , were wondering about the legality of the upcoming selection process for the World shoot.

There will be 4 matches of selection. The first two matches will be used to select Open and Modified shooters. The other two will be used to select Standard and Production shooters.

Then, will come a 5 th match, The MedCup.

The Medcup is scheduled on may 6th to 8th 2005.

Off the two matches in each division, only the best result will be kept.

The MedCup will count twice the points.

Then, here come the troubles :

The Open and Modified shooters will shoot on schedule (6 th to 8th), Standard and Production shooters are supposed to shoot on 9 th and 10 th of May, two days after the others.

Is this legal ?

Aren't we supposed to shoot at the same time if we want to have our scores included in the match results (and so in the selection process) ?

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From the IPSC Constitution:

Article 4.6 It shall be the responsibility of each Regional Directorate:

(6) to select by fair and equitable means National Teams to represent the Region at World and International Championships. National Teams shall each consist of 4 members.

and from the IPSC Rulebook:

6.4.1 Subject to the availability of allocated slots, one Regional team in each Division may be selected on merit by each Region for IPSC Level IV or higher matches. At the discretion of the Match Organizers, other teams may be fielded but will not be eligible for team recognition or awards. Approved Category teams are specified by a vote in the General Assembly (see Appendix A2).

Hence the selection of team members is a matter for each Region to decide. If you are unhappy with the selection process, you must contact your Regional Director.

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Vince :

The thing is that we don't know if the Standard and Production shooters will have to shoot two days after the main match, or if there will be another stages built especially for us.

If this is the first option, that's was my concern as we couldn't shoot at the same time and so our scores wouldn't count for the main match.

I know it's completely up to our RD to set up the selection process, but that's not clear for many of us.

You're right, the best thing to do is to contact our RD.

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