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Just for kicks I would like to hear how low everyones DA pull is on their 617's.

I can't get mine below 8 1/2 lbs. :(

So, What's your DA pull on your 617's and if you have a low one, who did your action job and/or what are the secrets to it?



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I think 8,5 is about as low as you can go. Keep in mind that the super tuned 6lb. guns will only work with Federal primers. You have to ignite a rimfire cartridge. By the way, my match gun also has a pull of about 8 lb.

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Man, it really makes a difference what kind of ammo you're using as you adjust the mainspring tension downward on a 617. Everybody's got their own favorite, but I've had the best luck over the years with CCI Mini-mags and CCI Standard Velocity (both packed in the 100-rd. plastic boxes). My 10-shooter (which has maybe an 8 or 9 lb. DA pull) will go bang 99.99% of the time with either of those, but nothing else I've tried. (Naturally, the 0.01% click came while shooting the limited rimfire event at the Steel Challenge....)

Even the Blazer stuff, which you'd think would be exactly the same product just packaged differently, gives me a click every hundred rounds or so.

Given their hard CF primers, it's weird that CCI RF ammo seems softer and more reliable in wheelguns, but that seems to be the case--at least in my experience.


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