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9mm load chrono info


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Today at the range i got the chance to chrono some misc ammo i had.

winchester white box, nothing new at 147 pf.. <_<

winchester LE 127 SXT JHP +P+...that load is an awesome load,

in my glock 34, the three rounds i fired made 168, 172 and 172 pf..

the handloads i was using at the last USPSA club match felt a bit warm..they were!

using the accurate arms reloading manual, i loaded a master blaster 125 grain(actually 127-128) with 7.0 grains of AA#7..load was a little dirty, so i bumped it to 7.5 grains(8.3 is max with a 125 lead)...the 7.5 grain load chronographed at 1315 fps...that makes 167 pf...the primers were WSP and they looked the same as winchester factory loads! plus there is just barely any unburnt powder left in the barrel.. ;)

the load does have more recoil than the winchesters, but only slightly. BTW this load seems to be LOUD in a unported 9mm,..can only imagine what its like in a compensated gun. :unsure:

I understand that lead(in this case, moly coated) bullets are faster than jacketed bullets and some folks dont want to use anything but JHPs in their guns..but the owner of masterblasterbullets is a GM shooter and he told me that he uses them in a sti open 9mm and has only slightly more lead build up in the comp compared to FMJs.

looks like im gonna be building a comp gun.


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