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Working a local campaign

Chuck D

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Had the best couple of months lately when I worked for the challenger in a U.S. Congressional race in my home district.

Best learning experience I've had in a long time.

I would highly recommend the experience to anybody willing to work long hours for no pay and bad take out food ! ;)

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My district in MA had contested races for state house and senate (no incumbant in either). I sent the solicitation envelopes back with the same notation "I'll help when you repudiate gun control in all of it's evil forms." The staff from one of the campaigns contacted me to say "we do, when can you stop by?" so I did and helped with the campaign. Although the candate only rated from C to 85% depending on which gun organizaiton you ask, his opponent was a solid "F". He lost, but the silver lining is that the one state senate candidate who made gun control his primary issue, and would have replaced the former occupant of the office as a Massachusetts Sara Brady lost. (It's going to be tough for him, since he's never held a job other than "legislative aide" since graduating from college, except for a temporary assignment at the DNC while preparing his campaign).

The only two ways to multiply your vote in an election are the donations of money and time.

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