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My first AK


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Heres my first AK ...

shes different originally a 20.5" Barrel Saiga 7.62 that was converted...


Then she stayed like that while I collected parts for 3weeks... And finally met up with Garren ( my new ak gunsmith )...

I had him cut down the barrel to 14.5", thread it to 14x1, re crown the barrel, install and pin my Battle Comp AKBC, de pinned my gas block, and fit my Bolton Gas block/front sight...



After I got her home from Norco to test fire how she ran... She ran flawlessly ran almost as flat as my 3gun AR. I think its because of the action on the AK thats why she wasnt flatter or just as flat as my AR. Give me a break its my first AK ...

Well either way I hand fitted the Ultimak Gas Tube rail system; so I can my mount my new bushnell TRS 25 thats coming on Tuesday...



I'm pretty happy how she turn out and I'm a very satisfied customer with Garren's work... I have only a few parts thats coming; a Krebs custom safety, a RAM enchanced magazine release, and a Tapco shepherd's hook... I went about building a solid 300meter gun thats quick and fast to point and transition with and keep as much wood furniture I can...

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Looks great, but I'm surprised you're allowed to own it in Calif ???

Yup its legal here Komifornia.

Theres certain models that are banned but theres tons of other AK's and AR's that we can have.

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