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Got new Magma Engineering 135gr mould!


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I am very excited tonight! My mould arrived today.

I have been spending too much $$ on Bear Creek 135gr bullets, about $1100 in the last year and dammit, I am WAY too cheep to keep that up!

Could not find a mould that my CZ liked in a weight I liked. Finally broke down a month ago and called Bear Creek and asked what mould they use for their 135gr.

They told me Magma Engineering and I ordered on that day.

Going to fire it up in a few minutes and see how the bullets drop.

My alloy is heavier than Lyman #2 so I am hoping my bullets drop at about 140gr, hehe. :)

I have 12k Bear Creek so that will allow me to shoot the rest of this year while casting with my mould. By the time next spring rolls around I should have 500lbs of these cast up and I will be ahead of the curve and FREE from spending $$ on 9mm bullets! :cheers:

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Congrats! I just purchased a 135 grain NOE mold. Can't wait to try it out as well! If your bullets are black, they are probably using Sandstrom 9a. I have been using it for a year. Recently switched to Bayou bullets coating. Still learning on that one.

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