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Starting a new svi build for idpa


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So I started a new build today. The check is going out on Monday for the build. Any thoughts/opinions?

I am relatively new here. More of a wader than a poster.

Template Name: IDPA Pistol Govt Length - Wide Body

Last Updated: 05/02/13

Quantity: 1

Reference: 2013 design eyefly

Serial Number: 3yeF1y

Front Slide Cut: 3 Xcelerator Serrations

Guide Rod: Stainless Steel

Panel Cut: with Mobius engraving

Rear Lightening: No

Rear Slide Cut: Xcelerator Serrations

Slide Material: Stainless Steel

Slide Profile: Round w/Flat Top

Slide Racker / Lightening: No

Stirrup Cut: Yes

Top Rib: 15 lines per inch

Front Sight: Red Fiber Optic .100 wide x 1mm

Rear Sight: Infinity Rear Sight Absolute Target Zero

AET Barrel Option: AET

Barrel: Plain Barrel

Barrel Length: 5

Barrel Style: Bushing Style

Caliber: 9 x 19

Compensator: No Compensator

Trigger Base color: Red

Trigger Bow: Titanium

Trigger Insert Color: Red

Trigger Insert Style: Flat Medium

Triglide System: Yes

Grip Material: Stainless Steel

Grip Size (Competition Hicap Only): Signature Grip

Grip Surface: MicroPockets (IMP) Aggresive with Mobius Cutout

Metal Grip Mag Catch: Left Side Magazine Catch without button- IDPA Legal

Metal Grip Magwell: Aluminum - MicroPockets - Silver Only

Metal Grip Mainspring Housing: Aluminum Flat

Trigger Guard - New: Under Cut (For Higher Grip)

Trigger Guard Profile: Infinity Traditional Square (ITS) (Most Common)

Hammer: Square

Hammer Finish: Silver Finish

Dust Cover: Standard (all)

Dust Cover Fluting: None

Frame Material: Stainless Steel

Frame Style: Competition (Wide body)

Grip Safety: Stainless Steel

ITI Rail cut: Rail Cut

Slide Lock Pin: Stainless Steel

Strut: Titanium

Thumb Safety Material: Stainless Steel

Thumb Safety Style: Ambidextrous Wide

California/ Massachusetts Resident: No

Gun type: Government (5 inch)

Infinity IMM Open: No (typical)

Pistol Finish: Stainless Finish (only on stainless materials)

Radial Flute: Radial Flute

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There are 4 different grip safetys that you can pick

pivoting, full profiled tail

non-pivoting, full profiled tail

pivoting, thumb relief profiled tail

non-pivoting, thumb relief profiled tail

thumb relief profile is like those STI grip safety with the left and right side cutouts. I use them and like them much better than the regular, full profiled tail.



It is not listed on the system, but you may want to decide which one you want and include it as comment.

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Hmmm. Good thought. I was not given this as an option in the build. I will contact Brandon to specify it. The good news is that the build process is up to about eighteen months :-) So I have time to change things...

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Now you can be like the rest of us.........always waiting on the "Next" one............This looks like a very nice pistol and will be a pussycat to shoot as the weight of the pistol will soak up just about any recoil. You'll run out of $$ for ammo before you'll be able to wipe the smile off your face when you get it. I say this from experiance as I just recieved my 2nd Single Stack in .40 yesterday from Brandon/SV. Nice purchase and best of luck to you when you get it. You'll need the luck to get the pistol back from your friends who will want to borrow it..


Roy Neal

Team SV Infinity

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I gave up trying to match Roy SV pistol for SV pistol.

I will say it is very hard not to want to buy more and more SVs. The quality and workmanship is a step above.

I almost want to say, 'welcome to the family' but it is more like an addiction. :cheers:

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I have been eyeballing these for a few years and have been wishy washy about "pulling the trigger". Every time I get close, something happens to change my mind. It's hard to buy something sight unseen. I have read about the workmanship being second to none but I have never handled one. So I figure I will get my feet wet with this one. If its really that good, than I will order a few more. One for every day of the week?

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Oh, you'll order more just like the rest of us. You'll always have a gunbuilder "Ready To Go" in case you come upon some unspent $$ somewhere. Problem is that they will make just about anything in a 1911 you could or would ever want. If they just made a few models, it wouldn't be that big of a deal.....but they don't. Now I am thinking about a Commander length stainless steel frame with a blued sight tracker(TIN coated barrel of course) top end chambered in 9mm for a cool looking carry pistol that would be legal in most states as a 10+1. Then maybe it will be time to get an IMM.......and Then...well, you get the idea.

Be like Julien over in France-order 3 at a time so you can get most of it out of your system when you do.

Looking forward to seeing your new addition to your collection/family

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