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Reducing Round counts at matches

Ed Deegan

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Why in the world would you want to do this?

Wait, we have to reduce rounds so that the current shortages are not affecting everyone... When did we become the handholding namby pamby sport?

Keeping round counts up does the following:

Separates the good matches from the not so good (by attendance). If your match attendance drops off, maybe its time to look at what is going on very carefully. The smart folks shop with their feet.

Just because you failed to plan (does anyone not remember 2008?), doesnt make it everyone's problem. It's about choices we make in life.

Now for the economics... You still pay for the gas, etc. to get to said match, and you still pay the full match fee. After all you dont see the clubs that are proposing these reduced round count matches, offering to reduce match fees or the home club accepting reduced fees to rent the range. So what is the cost savings?

If your going to a match to stand around for 8 hours and shoot for (at most) 3 minutes and get a 40-50% reduction in rounds fired. Rest assured, the smart folks will pass on that match.

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