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10mm Magazine parts queries


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I have a few Tanfoglio 10mm's and would like to expand the capacity of the mags. I've been eyeing the Gram spring kits and Henning baspads for a little bit but have a few questions:

Am I correct in assuming the USPSA .40 S&W extended basepads are too short for the 10mm?

How many rounds would the Henning extended basepad add with and without the Grams spring/follower kit?

Wolf has said they don't offer a spring for 10mm Tanfoglio mags. I've thought this a bit odd as I figured their .45 acp springs would work but they claim they won't. So I'm wondering how stiff is the Grams spring? I mean is it equivilent to a factory power or extra power? (I run a heavier recoil spring than factory, so I'm curious if the Grams spring was designed to feed a slightly up-speced pistol...)

Also, any ideas if the Grams spring would work as is for a compact mag?

I've tried to contact Henning about these questions but he's an understandably very busy guy lol So any enlightenment would be appreciated.

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The USPSA .40 S&W basepads will work with the 10mm magazines/ammo. Since the diameter of the 10mm brass is the same as the .40 S&W you will have the same capacity bump as .40 S&W (21+1).

When you get the 21+1 base pads you have to use the grams 11 coil spring and follower. The spring stiffness isn't different, the thing that is different is the total quantity of spring coils. If you try to use a standard magazine spring with the 21+1 base pad its not long enough and will not allow the rounds to register properly to the top of the magazine.

You could use a Grams spring in the compact mags, but you would have to cut enough coils off of it to be the appropriate length for the shorter compact mags. A good starting point would be to count the number of coils on the stock compact mag spring and match the same coil count on the grams spring.

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Thanks. I was thinking the .40 basepads might have had a spacer of some sort like the mag bodies that limited OAL to .40 specs, but if they don't then that's a very cool thing for me. Now I just have to get everything in gear & grab enough parts to upgrade all my mags before July. lol

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