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  1. I'd appreciate some help on figuring out how to solve this problem. I took a Witness Elite Match & steel frame Compact to the range the other day. Both are in 10mm & have Hennings cone fit guide rods as well as a Wolf's 22# recoil spring in the Compact & a 20# spring in the Elite Match, along with Wolff's extra power firing pin springs in each. Otherwise they're stock. The mags have the Grand Power extended base pads with Grams spring & follower kits - except for the flush fitting Compact mag, which is stock. All the mags used seem to be Sabatti (the old style with the red follower), however aside from the compact mag I have ran the other two flawlessly through the Elite Match. I do have a few K10's from Mec-Gar but they just weren't up in the rotation, & I have noticed than when fully loaded they don't drop free of the pistols, & I didn't think to try them out. The ammo was handloaded, using 180 GS JHP's loaded to around 1235 fps (though it was below freezing when I chrono'ed them so it may be pushing closer to 1300 fps in the heat) COAL is 1.250". The malfunctions were mainly of the FTF variety, with the slide stuck open right as it began to push the cartridge out of the magazine, although retracting the slide slightly & letting go would usually chamber the cartridge. There was one ftf where the cartridge nose hung up hard on the feed ramp & I had to drop the mag to clear it. There was also one FTF where the slide rode over the cartridge completely & closed on an empty chamber. It didn't happen as often towards the end of each magazine, but it wasn't completely eliminated when it got down to a few cartridges either. I'm also experiencing primer wipe and brass is landing 10'+ away. So any advice on how to get these pistols to run?
  2. Nealio, are you saying that because it only compresses on the last 1/8 of rearward travel that the friction of the slide going forward negates the force of the heavier spring used? In other words, an estimated 30 lb spring that only compresses on the last 1/8th of reaward movement would still exert 30 lbs of force to propel the slide forward. This force would be concentrated on the first 1/8th of the slide's forward movement instead of spread out over the entire travel. So during the remaining 7/8th of slide travel there'd be enough friction to reduce the momentum of the slide to something less than you'd get with a 22lb spring? Or does the Sprinco use some form of mechanical advantage to slow down the slide as opposed to spring resistance alone?
  3. I'm just curious, are any of y'all in Colorado (especially Henning) thinking of moving because of the mag ban? It won't kick in until July, and there's several real good reasons a court would strike it down real quick (though Colorado courts haven't been real friendly to gun owners and there's a chance they'll not act rationally) but if we are stuck with it are any of y'all planning on moving? Or are ya just stocking up on as many mags & parts (cause repairing a worn mag will be illegal too) as ya can? Or just making covert trips to Cheyenne for spares? lol & any word on how or if this will have an effect on matches shot in Colorado? Anyone talking about rule changes to try to deal with a less than 16 round, non-removabel baseplate mag situation?
  4. Thanks. I was thinking the .40 basepads might have had a spacer of some sort like the mag bodies that limited OAL to .40 specs, but if they don't then that's a very cool thing for me. Now I just have to get everything in gear & grab enough parts to upgrade all my mags before July. lol
  5. I was afraid of that. I was thinking there might be enough of the beefier end of the guide rod to cut down for a compact. Then again I also thought the Braves were sure to win the series in '84 So I take it it's down to either convincing Henning to offer a compact ConeFit or trying to make one myself? lol
  6. Nealio, Wouldn't the Sprinco system be just as harsh if not harsher on the slide stop? & yes; a new frame is way more spendy than a Sprinco unit - but for a non competitive shooter (i.e. less than X thousands rounds per year per gun) would a Sprinco be necessary? Could a ConeFit guide rod, extra stiff recoil spring, & possibly a shock buffer keep things running smooth with minimal frame damage for a defensive/casual shooter? (I also note that sprinco doesn't seem to make a unit for a compact 10mm, nor is there a ConeFit guide rod for a compact, so for that I'm thinking a buffer & stiffer spring would be the only thing that could be done...)
  7. From what I've seen, the big problem with Tanfoglio's is that they are shipped with recoil springs a bit lighter than what they should be. At least in 10mm - I haven't played around with other chamberings. I think the stock spring is around 14#'s. Replacing it with one in the 18#-22# range would be best if you're shooting anything but anemic 10mm economy loads. Plus it should keep your brass within the same county. (and repalcing the firing pin spring with a stronger one will help any primer wipe issues you may be having). Adding a ConeFit guide rod seems like a cool idea (and one I'll try to jump on if I can get my magazine situation straight) The Sprinco system looks interesting and I'm sure it works fine, but the frugality gene saw the $80 price tag & compels me to wonder if it does anything a heavier recoil spring and ConeFit guiderod can't do for half the price? The Underwood ammo looks comparible to my handloads.But $1.80 a round? if only they made a shock buffer for my wallet...
  8. From what I've seen Henning doesn't offer a ConeFit guiderod for the compact. I can't tell exactly from the pics, but does anyone know if there's enough material to be able to shorten a standard length ConeFit guiderod for use in a compact? Or is there another solution for running hot 10mm loads in a compact?
  9. I have a few Tanfoglio 10mm's and would like to expand the capacity of the mags. I've been eyeing the Gram spring kits and Henning baspads for a little bit but have a few questions: Am I correct in assuming the USPSA .40 S&W extended basepads are too short for the 10mm? How many rounds would the Henning extended basepad add with and without the Grams spring/follower kit? Wolf has said they don't offer a spring for 10mm Tanfoglio mags. I've thought this a bit odd as I figured their .45 acp springs would work but they claim they won't. So I'm wondering how stiff is the Grams spring? I mean is it equivilent to a factory power or extra power? (I run a heavier recoil spring than factory, so I'm curious if the Grams spring was designed to feed a slightly up-speced pistol...) Also, any ideas if the Grams spring would work as is for a compact mag? I've tried to contact Henning about these questions but he's an understandably very busy guy lol So any enlightenment would be appreciated.
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