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Out of deference to our gracious host, I will not go into specifics as to WHY I went to protest at Maryland's state capitol - Anapolis - last month.

But, as I was preparing to leave the house that morning, my wife says: "have fun!."

Fun? "Fun?!?" I replied. I did not go there for fun. I wish I did not feel the need to go at all. I had to go.

I love freedom.

But it is a sad day when good people have to take a day off work, travel an hour, stand outside for hours in HUGE numbers (there were about 3,000 of us there - not the "100" reported by the mainstreams media) - and they are STILL probably going to ram this BS through. I hate that part especially.

It was good to meet up with many friends there that day. But, I wish it had been under different circumstances, like a match or a practice day at the range.

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Live in NY here brother.....I feel your pain.

Buffalo, NY from 1997-2000. Those were "pre-USPSA" days for me (I had not discovered USPSA yet).

I obtained all the paperwork for "permission" to own and possess a handgun in NY state but never got around to sending it all in (and waiting). All the handguns just lived out of state for those years. Should not have to "ask for permission" to exercise a right.

Hope the courts come to your rescue! I had a great time shooting area championships near Rochester some years back (2005?).

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wish I was there to add to the numbers.

And we missed you! Travel safe & bring the family back home (though I would not blame you if you again opt for VA over your dad's state when you relocate stateside).

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Many an hour I spent on Lawyers' Mall in the 80's and 90's and some time at the microphone within, seemingly without the hoped-for result. Having to speak in opposition to the Chief (I was a PG Co cop at the time and the state Service Rifle champ) sank my career so when my son was born, I bailed.

Those who've carried the fight to the present day certainly have my respect and admiration.


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