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Ran out of Zero 125 JHP's. Have been loading these at 1.160 OAL for my open .9 using SVI mags.

Now I just got Sierra 115 JHP's, and can not load them as long- profile of bullet head is shorter

than the Zero's.

SO who has a starting OAL using 115 JHP's? I use True Blue at 7.8gr to make a nice 175pf.

Just looking for a starting OAL-

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I'm running 115 gr MG JHP at 1.167OAL over 8.7 gr of True Blue.

Expect to chrono at 1550 FPS extrapolating from 8.1gr /115 ( 1426 actual) and 124 gr data.

Have been shooting this for 2 months now. Comp likes extra gas and load runs cleaner than before.

Will give you some rounds to test if you want.


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