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If your needing primers...


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I tried ordering last week and it looked like it worked, but then was cancelled a couple days later. Just called and they told me they were out and not accepting backorders. Whats really going on?

That's what happened to me too. I put in one order early in the morning and a couple of hours later it was still there so I ordered more for me and a buddy. I called them after the second order just to make sure they actually had them in stock and the guy said yes and asked if I wanted to combine the oders and save on shipping & hazmat. Of course I said yes but what he failed to tell me that put me back into the cue at the bottom of the list. Thursday I received a notice that my small pistol primers were coming but my small rifle primers were back ordered until the end of March. Needless to say I wasn't very happy and called customer service. They couldn't do anything about the order but did send me a $25 gift certificate. I guess that helps with the inflated price of the primers. Anyway they are on a truck and will be here tomorrow. I just figured they got a shipment in and would list on their website but haven't seen them yet.

Good Luck!

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Apparently, some search engines will find old pages and then the "site" may actually let you try to order, but it doesnt seem as though it will really work. They do not show at all from the cabelas.com site except for shotgun and muzzleloader stuff. Im ready for this to be over...

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