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  1. Looks good, congrats.
  2. I was impatient, Shooters Connection had what I was looking for in stock. Had it in 2 days! Great PCC, have 3000 rounds through it. Have shot it in both USPSA and SCSA without the first hiccup.
  3. All of my 1911’s can run both without issues. I have more ETM’s than Cobras if that means anything.
  4. Dillon has always taken care of anything I broke.
  5. I just figured people didn’t want a different load for their PCC from their production gun. What limited testing I did, I didn’t see an advantage to shooting higher power factor ammo from the GMR, but I’m new to this so maybe I’m missing something.
  6. Mine has never seen a factory round. Over 2500 rounds so far and not the first hiccup with the gun or ammo.
  7. Obviously you have a defective batch. Send it to me for proper disposal.
  8. I think 5 steel would work fine with light loads. I have 4 steel and 1 tungsten running 130 pf. My next order I will pick up another steel mass just to see.
  9. I’ve been playing with mine on the timer and my fastest splits with close hits on the target is with 4 steel and 1 tungsten. I would try 5 steel if I had a fifth one. This is with 130pf 124gr JHP using N320. I believe the short stroke kit I purchased to go from 4 to 5 mass was a 3 tungsten and 2 steel combination. I think it was softer shooting with that setup but not as fast grouping my double taps. In a match I haven’t noticed the gun recoiling any harder. I will probably play around more with it later but as of right now I’m happy with the setup.
  10. Cowboy1629

    9 major

    Yeah I like 3N38 in super but too bulky in 9 Major. As far as Vihtavuori powders in 9 I would take 3N37 over the 3N38.
  11. Good to know, I ordered one too the day I received the email. Was curious why I hadn’t received it yet, now I know. Thanks
  12. Ford/Chevy, just pick one and bash the other. Just kidding... I picked JP and happy with my decision but would have been happy with MPX if it were as reliable as the JP has been out of the box. Great knowledge people at JP and more than willing to talk over the phone about their product.
  13. Cowboy1629

    9 major

    I use both plus HS-6 STI Custom built 5” Montana Gold 124gr JHP 1.165 OAL CCI SRP Mixed brass AutoComp 7.0gr 172 pf Silhouette 7.8gr 171 pf HS-6 8.4gr 173 pf
  14. I like using Hornady One Shot. I put 2-3 hundred 9mm cases in a ziplock bag spay them real well and shake the bag around a little. No need to let dry, just dump them in your case feeder and go. Saves your arm when resizing.
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