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  1. DPP now but may look at the R1P down the road if they prove to be reliable.
  2. Might have something to with how many units that are in the wild. It is one of the most popular optics in action sports. I’m guessing not all of them fail at the same time so it may be years before all of them are replaced. I lost the latch that held the battery door closed on one of my units. They repaired it free of charge and while in the shop they replaced the circuit board. I wasn’t having any issues with it but they changed it out while they had it. I have a second unit that has the newer board in it and it’s running fine with matches every weekend not counting practice. I might look at the Romeo 1 Pro or SRO down the road once they get more popular and more time in the field to see how they hold up but as of right now I’m happy with my DPPs.
  3. Cowboy1629

    P320 X5 Thread

    They are in stock at Shooters Connection when I checked yesterday.
  4. The only people that are having issues with the LCI are those of us that shoot CO. Sig has been replacing them whenever they receive a complaint even from those who have never put an optic or intend to put an optic on their pistol. There was a comment about someone running a Romeo 1 Pro on the X5 Legion without issues. So from Sig’s point of view they probably don’t see it as a problem that needs immediate attention.
  5. I saw a jump from 131 to 149 going from 4” pistol to 14.5 JP. I run different loads between the two.
  6. Might be worth a try but I have a boat load of N320 and just picked up 8 pounds of Sport Pistol to give it a try. Very low ES and SD with Sport Pistol in my X5 Legion, haven’t tried it in my JP yet. I will keep N350 in mind.
  7. Same here with my GMR-15 124gr MG JHP and VV N320.
  8. Well if you have a spare RTS2 give it a try. I can’t help because I use the DPP on carry optics and have a spare if something happens to the primary.
  9. I purchased 8 pounds of Sport Pistol because of all the great things I have read on here. Honestly I think N320 is better in every category besides ”price”. It meters well, is consistent, and has low SD but not sure it is cleaner, softer recoil, or less smokey than N320, but it is ”cheaper”. One of the main reasons why I purchased it was from what I read it was great with coated bullets as far as not burning the coating off and thus being less smokey. Honestly I don’t see a difference in it from N320 but it is “cheaper”. I will use the 8 pounds but not sure I will be replacing my N320 with it. Just my opinion.
  10. Cowboy1629

    P320 X5 Thread

    Yeah I called FedEx and they said they couldn’t pick it up at the house because it was considered a dangerous / hazardous package. I said really... Then I said if that is the case how can you deliver it back to my house? The FedEx person didn’t have an answer for that.
  11. Cowboy1629

    P320 X5 Thread

    Yeah the standard email the CS rep sent with the return label said to send my mags in which didn’t make much sense so I sent an email back to the rep and he said they weren’t needed just send the gun without the optic. I’m guessing if someone had feeding issues or other things not related to the LCI fogging the optic they would probably want your mags. The letter with the label looked pretty generic to return for repair.
  12. Cowboy1629

    P320 X5 Thread

    CS told me I didn’t need to send mag when I asked about it just remove the optic. Sig received my gun on a Monday morning and it was back in the mail to me that afternoon. Sig will email you FedEx 2 day shipping label. The only downside for me, local FedEx shipping hub is 45 minutes away.
  13. At least you got yours. I still haven’t received mine but I did get the $200 rebate.
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