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  1. I run both on my 9 Major. On my 1911 38 Super I just run small pistol but still pushing major with it.
  2. The RO I just got doesn't have the ILS. I read somewhere those are the California legal models that have them now. Mine has not missed a stroke in the first 500 rounds. All I did was lighter the trigger a little.
  3. Thanks for the years of great Dillon parts and sales as well as the forum I've enjoyed it all. Good luck with semi-retirement.
  4. I use to throw all the SPP 45 brass away but there is getting to be so much of it now I have started saving it for lost brass matches. When I go to load them I will have to see what kind of speeds I get across the chronograph with both SPP and SRP before I kick up the charge.
  5. Couple times per year detailed. Upper usually once per week.
  6. In about 7 months I'll let you know. I have an Infinity open gun on order so we shall see how it compares to the custom built open gun I'm using now. I sure hope it's all that people say it is because it is considerably more.
  7. Congratulations on your first build. I'm waiting on my first build as well. It's been a little over 8 months into my 12-15 month wait so far.
  8. I don't see much crud, just cornmeal looking junk. I run 500 or so rounds though mine without cleaning and no issues with reliability but it's running pretty hot.
  9. Not yet but been thinking about one. I will probably wait until I get this one since it will be my first Infinity, then maybe a single stack 1911 just because I don't have one.
  10. I stopped by their shop years ago when I was out there for the World Championship of Cowboy Mounted Shooting in Scottsdale. Guy at the counter took me through the place and I saw a lot of interesting things and met Mike Dillon working at a drafting table with his dog at his side. Well worth it, if you get a chance.
  11. I run Silhouette in my 9 major and see the cornmeal stuff. I don't think I want much more pressure in it. Works great!
  12. Empty it all. I usually wait and run large batches so when I'm done it's usually going to require a caliber change anyway so I empty everything out.
  13. I've ran a 550 since the 80's, purchased 650 a few years ago with case & bullet feeder couldn't be happier. I still have the 550 and run smaller batches of ammo on it, mostly revolver & rifle since I don't shoot much of that but the high volume stuff goes on the 650. The 650 isn't difficult or take up too much time to swop between primer size or calibers if you have tool heads setup with your dies.
  14. I'm a little over 8 months now. Just when I forget about it I see this post or someone else's pop up and I start counting the days again!
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