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Stewing over another "Hate" thread...


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Sometimes I cant believe the opinions of other shooters. The recent thread about Larue no longer selling to State and Local LE disturbed me so much that after a day of thinking about it, i had to create my very first hate thread.

I have been a LE Officer for 17 years. I am also very pro-gun. I shoot USPSA when I can, and have made it rule of mine to try to get outside my normal area and shoot a match I have not shot before every year. I sought out USPSA to become better with my handgun under stress. I have met some great people due to shooting and believe that some of the best people in the world are affiliated with the shooting sports.

Reading the replies to the Larue announcement concerning the perceived "us vs them" thoughts of LE blew me away. I clearly see now that civilians harbor no such thoughts.

I also noticed that there were several replies about the government having better weapons than the citizens it protects. I compared that to the news that Larue has no plans to stop selling to the Federal Government. Larue will make a stand, but not one that effects his real bottom line.

I did appreciate Nik's thoughts and understand his point. No one that I know is placing anyones life above anyone else. It is not State and Local cops making the laws. If and when I only have to worry about defending my own home/family, and not responding to help your family, i will gladly follow all laws. Why divide ourselves and limit tools used by people that we can trust to deal with those we cannot...

I would look at the current Larue catalog to see what items he has listed that could be illegal in some states, but I really don't want to waste my time. I can read between the lines and understand what he is about. I have never heard anything negative about him and used to think he had LE, Mil and lawful citizens in mind when he sold his products. I see now that he is no more than a pouting child who is taking his ball and going home just in case someone at his company makes a human error. You can find my very well worn Larue hat in the trash.

I would have posted this in the Larue vender tent, but couldn't seem to find it here...


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