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Ad Block for Safari on IPad?

blind bat

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I just picked up an iPad2 for running Practiscore and travel. So far I really like it but I miss AdBlock Plus. Is there an ad blocker for the iOS version of Safari?

If not, what is the best iOS browser that supports blocking ads?


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It turns out Apple doesn't allow Apps to support plugins. I guess that makes sense from their perspective because otherwise you could create an app that did nothing but run applets from other app stores or run malicious code.

The Chrome browser for iOS doesn't block ads. I found a web browser in the App Store called "AdBlocker". It works well but is clearly written by one guy in his spare time and is still pretty beta. The basic app is free and if you want tabs it's a 99 cent in-app purchase. Unfortunately, you can't open links in a new tab. My current SOP is to use Safari for BE and AdBlocker for everything else.

Note to self: Send Brian a donation. You've got no excuse now that all the toy stores are back ordered on everything that goes bang.

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