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  1. The direct answer to you question is no, a Redding insert will not fit in the Dillon die. If you look at page 19 on the Redding catalog the part you referenced in the Amazon link, 9183, fits in a Redding seating die and is not a complete seating die and will not work in the Dillon seating die. You can replace the entire Dillon seating die with a Redding seating die. Dillon sells the Redding micrometer seating die.
  2. People need to follow the rules or bad things can happen.
  3. Lube the main shaft with motor oil where exactly? The bearings on the outside use grease. Are you talking about the middle if the main shaft that drives the head up/down? Any specific weight of motor oil? Thanks, 1050 Manual page page 21 - 30 weight.
  4. I would get this book and this foam roller. My trainer started me using one because I had a really tight IT band which was causing alignment problems which caused more tightness and pain. Working out all of the deep knots in my legs hurt when I started but eased my knee pain.
  5. Atomic has an add block built-in.
  6. Is tool head fully seated on the main shaft?
  7. SAPS shoots at Tucson Rod and Gun at Three Points on the 1st and 3rd Saturday http://www.uspsa2.org/saps.htm Pima Pistol is on the 3rd Sunday http://pimapistolclub.com/matches and has other matches. Rio Salado is under a 2 hour drive depending on where you are in Tucson http://www.riopractical.com/
  8. STI frame with a modified mag catch. Tubes are untouched.
  9. I have the new mags with mostly Bolen internals and a few with Grams and I load 9mm to 1.2 and everything 100% runs.
  10. THere are 2 options. One is to open up the hole on every mag tube. The other is to make the mag catch smaller and not have to change every tube.
  11. I don't understand the hand on the head. We have up range starts where you are standing with a loaded and holstered gun facing a crowd of people and no one is concerned that you might suddenly draw your gun and start shooting if you don't have your hands on your head. It should be stand there relaxed or STOP and ULSC.
  12. If she has dry eye, try flax oil pills. I had mine done in 2005 and the doc had me on the flax oil for a few weeks before and after just in case. Thera tear gel eye drop as great as well.
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