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9mm FMJ Brass Color


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First post, 550 from Brian on it's way...be gentle.

Looked and couldn't find anything in the forums other than "Montana Gold" relating to my question.

I purchased 1000 9mm FMJ bullets today from a local store. They seem odd in that they are a very shiny gold color, nearly as much as new brass, and not the flat-ish, red-ish color I am used to seeing on the business end of a round. Is this OK? Are they just fresh out of the oven and haven't had enough time to oxidize a bit? Any ideas?



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It's possible that you have Montana Gold bullets:


They're meant to be gold as the jacket isn't copper (the reddish color), but a brass alloy.

IINM, Remington also has some gold bullets available, so it's possible you have those, too.

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Montana Gold is good. Now I have had a couple of brands of Plated bullets (Frontier if I recall correcctly) come in that color as well and you need to know what you have for sure. If you turn it all around do you see any seams? If there is no seam of any kind then you might just have a plated bullet.

Nikel brass is designed for extended fashion ware for peacful communities, as the Brass starts to corrode when worn on a belt for extened pierods of time. I also found that Nikel cannot be reloaded as many times as regular brass.

Another tip, check all 9 mm brass with a magnet some of it is an imposter actually steel with thin coating of brass, and avoid WCC and GEKO brass, they have crimped primer pockets.

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