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Dropped loaded mag during state championship


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I was shooting in my first Texas state championship IDPA two years ago. There was a stage where we shot targets around the right side of a wall, then moved to the left side with similar number of targets around the left side. I did a RWR as I started moving from right side to left. I didn't realize that as I pulled the front mag from my mag holder, the rear one fell out on the ground. (I had someone filming behind me and you can hear a collective groan from this other shooters.). I went to slide lock with one target to go. I reached for the second mag and spent, count 'em, 13 seconds getting back my lost situational awareness, find the dropped mag, and finishing the stage. Oh, and add 3 second PE.

I had never had this happen before or since, but was using a cheap mag holder without any retention adjustment. There was a young Army Ranger in our squad that offered me one of his extra mag holders. Finished the match and ordered one with retention adjustment that night.

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It happens, you just have to learn from it. I was shooting a local match, unloaded start, thought I would be smart and grab the re-most mag for the start to keep my other mags up close for the rest of the CoF (shooting production, open and long start with a tight finish). Worked out right up until I realized the crappy double mag holder in the back pulled right off the belt and brought up two magazines, still in the holders. In the moment, I was none too pleased and I think the other mag and mag holder landed about 30 feet from where I was standing. I had a good laugh after I was finished and was hunting for my missing mag and mag holder.

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Ok I think I have a good one.

My cousin, who was new to USPSA was shooting a stage that had quite a bit of movement, and some low targets. Starts the stage, moves to the left and drops down to a crouch to engage the targets, the quick drop-down caused 2 magazines to come off the belt. He finished the stage and ended up getting a re-shoot for a range malfunction. Take 2, SAME thing happends the second time, except 3 magazines were lost. I about died in laughter. :roflol:

Lesson learned...and people wonder why I spent money on my CR Speed gear. Moral of the story, don't buy cheap crap! Buy quality gear with proper retention.

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