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opinion on Dillon advice/ 550 set-2 toolhead


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I asked Dillon for recommendation on a 2 toolhead set up for my 550 for 223, below was their suggestion.

Tool head one

decapping die

1200 trimmer

tool head 2

FL size




leave the lube on the brass, then tumble the loaded round using plain corncob for 20 mins.

Have you tried this setup, resizing the brass twice with the trimmer/die first, then sizing again using the FL on the second tool head.

Will I be setting up the dies differently?

kindly share your opion and experience,

In anyway I am not questioning his advice.just need some clarification.


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I can't believe that Dillon gave you that setup. Since I have seen brass that would not be trimmed in that setup, but would be beyond the trim length after you full length size it. The problem with this setup is that your brass will not be trimmed correctly and would cause problems when crimping with brass of different lengths. Here is how mine is setup (note that my current setup is on a 650, but I did the same thing on my old 550).

Tool head 1

Station 1 = Full length sizeing die

Station 3 = 1200 Trimmer

Tumble brass in corn cob to remove lube.

Tool head 2

Station 1 = Universal Decap die (removes corn cob from primer hole).

Station 2 = Powder

Station 3 = Bullet seat

Station 4 = Crimp

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I called Dillon again and this what the Tech suggested, after resizing with the trimmer die, screw the FL die, backout a liitle bit, to bell the case and make sure not to touch the sized shoulder from the trimmer die. this is getting interesting.

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