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Holster Position


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I've been playing around with my holster position on my limited rig. I usually keep it barely infront of my right hip. I put it there because almost everyone I saw shoot had it there. I was playing around with puting it on my right pocket area, more infront of me rather than by my hip. I only used this setup for one dryfire session, so I'm not 100% sold this is a good location. Seems ok though. My arms and hands tend to move more naturally to this position rather than back to the hip.

I was wondering if any of you have tried this? Did you like it, or prefer another position?

I'm using a DAA RM on a cr speed belt.


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Got any pics? or even a video of the position and draw? It sounds like you are using the old style that was very popular in the 80's and 90's with the holster directly in front almost right at the appendix area.

However, use what is comfortable to you and what is faster. There is no cookie-cutter solution for everyone and each has their own style, as long as it's functional and efficient.

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What he said ^

With Limited, there are no specific restrictions on holster position so do what works for you. You might ry to watch your self in front of a mirror without your rig to see where your hand goes naturally. That's what I did and it was reasonably close. You'll probably still need to make a minor adjustment.

I like to have the gun positioned where my hand move to naturally. For me that's in front of the hip and yes, it's what is called the "appendix" position by many.

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