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Budget Red Dot?


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Can y'all recommend a decent red dot at a lower price?

I'd like to pick something up that I can mount on a Ruger MkIII and swap to a S&W 627 should I feel like it. Any suggestions? Anything that this complete newb to optics should know before wading in?

Thanks in advance!

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I like my Bushnell TRS-25. I have it mounted on a 22/45 and it has been great.


Seconded. There are a number of these basic forms, with an intensity switch that goes to 11. I went with Bushnell because they had a rebate offer that accidentally applied, I wound up getting it for $40. If I had been sure the rebate worked I would have bought ten of them.


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I picked up two Burris XTS-135s for $119 ea from Midway back around Christmas. So far so good. But beware, I think that the matching mount weighs as much as the scope! I stuck one on my 6" 686. It's a main battle tank now instead of just a light armored personnel carrier.

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