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  1. kbeck76


    My original tracking number for the lower still showed "shipping information generated" or something like that. When I called PSA they had issued a different tracking number that I didn't have access to. The order page on PSA's web site still had the original tracking number. Your status might be right but after my experience I'd definitely recommend checking with the transfer dealer. Kevin
  2. kbeck76


    My lower arrived at my transfer dealer while PSA's status still said "processing". The dealer had it for a week before I finally got impatient enough to call PSA and ask about it. Kevin
  3. Accuracy was good but I didn't have a chronograph set up so I'm not sure what velocity I was getting. I could have went to OAL 1.15 with the 135 in my CZ SP01 but my PSA AR-9 has an even shorter throat so I had to go to 1.10 for OAL. The recoil was very soft but didn't have any problem cycling either my SP01 or the AR. I really like Prima V; we need to tone down the praise before everyone else buys it all up.
  4. That deal might have ended. I was lucky enough to grab 10 pounds of Prima V with this deal. $178 for 11 pounds of excellent powder is one smoking good deal. I really like the Prima V; clean burning and fills a 9mm case much more than Titegroup. For 9mm 3.2 grains with a Blue Bullet 135 at 1.10 was excellent in my CZ SP01.
  5. Thanks for the heads up. I've been ordering from Grafs for close to 20 years and I've been looking for a deal on Prima V. Kevin
  6. I have both a MKII and a MKIII with Volquartsen trigger and use the MKII and MKIII magazines in both.
  7. Good eye sir! These are SNS' s 124. I will go with the 125 on my next order. Do you recall the oal you used? Headed downstairs in a bit to keep playing with this. I have no intentions going to the range until all is good. I will twist them to see how short I do need to go. My only question is what if I go past the recommended oal of 1.125? Will that cause to much pressure? See tried to save a few bucks going plated and it seems to be causing issues. Thanks for all the help! I loaded them to 1.092 for my CZ 75 SP-01 and 1.122 for my RIA 1911. I used powder charges on the low end of the range because I had to load them short. I have loaded about 2000 of the Bayou 124 and a few hundred of the 125 BBI and didn't have this issue because those bullets have a different (more pointed) profile. I will use the 125 SNS the next time I order from them. There is another thread on that bullet I found when I encountered this issue: http://www.brianenos.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=170158 Kevin
  8. That looks like an SNS 124 coated 9mm bullet? I just loaded 500 of these and had to load them shorter because of the bullet profile. If this is the SNS 124 the profile is much different than other 124 bullets I have loaded (Bayou, BBI). Even the SNS 125 9mm has a much COAL friendlier profile. Disregard if that isn't an SNS 124 Kevin
  9. I've installed both a CZC front sight and a Dawson front sight. They are both relatively easy. No drilling on the Dawson because there is already a groove where the pin passes through. Kevin
  10. I installed one last week on a 75 SP-01. Your steps are correct. I had to sand a fair amount on the bottom of the sight with some 400 grit sand paper to get the front sight to fit. Took less than 15 minutes to complete. There is a notch in the bottom of the Dawson sight so no drilling is required for the pin. Kevin
  11. I use the PTX from powderfunnels.com (not the Hornady version) and have been very satisfied with it. I use an RCBS powder-cop in the next station, then a seating die, then a taper crimp die. I prefer a normal taper crimp die over the Lee FCD. Kevin
  12. Just finished Little Elvises by Timothy Hallinan. A very good mystery with great characters. I read 175 books last year (only 2 this year so far).
  13. I have a Raspberry Pi Model B and have played around with it a little. I compiled about 500,000 lines of code (my company's code base). It seems very robust and well thought out. Development is pretty easy. The main development language is Python which isn't too bad though I prefer Java. I haven't done much with it as real work (Embedded C/C++, Android Java, and iOS) eat up all my time. There are a bunch of example projects where people have used it for garage door openers, etc. Kevin
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