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OK, so I'm getting a wild hair up my --- for something non-standard in a 1911, either a 45/40 (400 Cor Bon) or 45/38 (Clerke.)

Would this be legal for Single Stack, or would I be in Limited or L-10?

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As I read the rules: Not legal in Limited/L-10 due to the "500 units" rule. It would surprise me if sufficient quantities of the 400 Corbon and the Clerke guns have been available to the general public as complete guns. This rule should disappear 01 January 2013.

For Single-Stack, I think that this rule will apply: "Only 1911 production type pistols. Must be available to the general public and have their basis in the original 1911 service pistol as designed by John M. Browning. Pistols made from components that duplicate the factory originals are acceptable. Frames must be metal." There's that "general public" thing again; this is NOT scheduled to go away with the new rules in 2013.

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