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Finally got the ejector wire bent properly on 650 with needle bearing

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went through 300 rounds without an issue then it started to screw up on the next 100 had 2 full stops cause the wire wasn't sitting down enough on the shell-plate to eject properly, even with those 2 stops i still managed a 6min 100 round load, if i had an extra pair of hands to do all the few extra things it takes to stop shells feeding and pull out the low primer stick i could probably get it down to 5:30 (which would be 1132 rounds /hr).

cant wait to see how a bullet-feeder speeds up my process with everything running smoothly now, to see all ive done to the machine to get it to run smoothly take a look at my blog http://xl650reloadinglog.blogspot.com/

Also, if your loading 9mm(or any small caliber) and your having case flipping issues i recommend the AT 500 black plastic funnel(i believe its just listed as plastic funnel on Dillon site), I've thrown probably 600-700 cases through the machine so far and no flipped cases, if you look at the blog pics you'll see the station one locator dented in such a way that it would stop cases from smoothly moving to the shell-plate, lock up and hit the body bushing, crushing the case and gouging the body bushing, called Dillon they sent out new parts first class mail got it in 2 days :bow:

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I tried the needle bearing and washers and found it to be a pia .

The new height interfered with the spring and it was easier to just cut

the detent ball spring under the shell plate and be done. I load 9mm with just 4.2

gr of Bullseye and there is no more splatter

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